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Top six essential water saving tips

Water saving is an essential way to save our water resource and improve the efficiency of water resources. Caring for our water resources is everyone’s business. Water saving can save money in our daily life. Here are top six essential water saving tips which is helpful for you to save money: 1.    Multiple use of water: we can use the water which we washing face to wash feet, then the water can flush the toilet. We can prepare a vat to collect the waste water such as laundry and washing to flush the toilet and mop the floor. 2.    Wash plate and sticks use the water which has washed rice or vegetables or boiled noodle, this can reduce the pollution of detergent. We can use the rinse dish water or vegetable water to water flower, wash car. When we wash fruit or vegetables, we can put salt to immerse disinfection and saving water. 3.    Use moderate detergent and control the dosage and choose the self-regulation washing machine to clean laundry which can save water in daily life and the clean time. We can also wash the family’s clothes together. 4.    Change the full turn tap into 1/4 turn faucet which will shorten the open time and reduce water loss. 5.    When shower use the lower flow sprinkle-nozzle or add slowly tap carburetor. It’s better to shower than tubbing. We can use the lower flow sprinkle-nozzle to avoid long time washing and save water at home . 6.    When washing car, we can use the pipe nozzle which are embolization or buckets and sponge dishcloth to scrub.

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